The bike folds down and fits in your boot, turn your car into your cab, just call Scoot


Driving there and getting a Scoot to drive you home SAVES YOU MONEY on getting a taxi there and back.  

The Scoot costs on average more than one taxi but SAVES YOU HAVING TO GO BACK FOR THE CAR the next day!  We think it makes sense to Scoot!


Check the book page to see if you are entitled to a discount.

Click on the map to check your mileage.


If you don't know your mileage check it out. We will calculate exact mileage & price at time of booking.


At Scoot, no journey is too short or too long.


Scoot regularly drives as far afield as Glasgow and St. Andrews.

We've even driven customers as far as Harrogate and Gatwick!

Please call us to discuss any journey you are considering.


Click the areas below to see some sample prices. All prices are approximate from George Street.



Price Membership Price
Musselburgh 7m £30 £27
Longniddry 14m £48 £43
Haddington 18m £58 £53
Gullane 21m £66 £61
Gifford 22m £68 £63
East Linton 23m £71 £66
North Berwick 25m £76 £71
Dunbar 30m £88 £83

Price Membership Price
South Queensferry 9m £36 £32
Limekilns 15m £51 £46
Dunfermline 16m £53 £48
Aberdour 17m £56 £51
Burntisland 20m £63 £58
Kinross 26m £78 £73
Gleneagles 40m £114 £109
St Andrews 49m £132 £127

Price Membership Price
Newtongrange 9m £33 £30
Penicuik 10m £36 £32
Rosewell 10m £36 £32
West Linton 17m £53 £48
Humbie 18m £56 £50
Heriot 19m £58 £52
Peebles 23m £68 £61
Stow 26m £75 £68

Price Membership Price
Ratho 9m £33 £30
Kirkliston 9m £33 £30
Kirknewton 10m £36 £32
Winchburgh 12m £40 £36
Livingston 15m £48 £43
Champany Inn 15m £48 £43
Falkirk 25m £73 £66
Glasgow 47m £125 £115

You can pay cash to the driver or call to pay by card. All debit and credit cards accepted inc. American Express

  • Job opportunities

Scoot provides chauffeurs (rider-drivers) to drive clients home in their own car. As a self-employed driver you will get to your clients on a 50cc folding moped (monkey bike) and then drive home in their car (with the moped sealed in the boot).

We are currently looking for new crew members to join our team of chauffeurs, who are careful, experienced drivers with a good/reasonable knowledge of Edinburgh. They need to be motivated, reliable, friendly and looking for self-employed flexible short hours work and especially on weekend evenings. This work is perfect if you like cars and bikes, working outdoors, are sociable and like doing something different. You must be 25+, have a full car driving licence valid in the UK, be an experienced car driver with some bike experience. Typically, our chauffeurs are freelancers (electricians, temps, self/employed, musicians). They enjoy outdoor work, driving a wide range of cars and meeting lots of different people. A typical night at Scoot involves starting work at 9-10pm and finishing at 2-3am, you can earn around £30-£40 per night, with additional excellent tip opportunities.

To apply, please call Ranjit on 0131 656 6666, please leave a message before 5 pm and we will get back to you or phone after 5pm to speak to someone.

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